Chad is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has been training people long enough to see many philosophies, modalities, trends and routines come into style, go out of style and again, return to popularity.
Names and branding changes but the basic principles remain.  
Movement is good.  We need to move.   We need to have a way to shake off the onslaught of interaction and information constantly presented to us.  We need a way to relax our fight or flight mechanism.  
Exercise feels good and the endorphin buzz is just the immediate piece.  Exercise is good for us from our brain to our bones.  Every system of our body benefits from exercise.  Our cardio vascular system becomes more efficient.  Our metabolism increases.  Our digestion regulates.  Our respiratory system improves, to name a few benefits. 

It is my belief that  we need a combination of strength, flexibility and endurance training, to make a complete system of physical exercise.   This should however, be combined with the principles of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Chinese meridian systems and philosophies to create the type of mind body connection that will allow for lasting change and growth
The type of exercise on which you primarily focus, is up to the individual but it is imperative to have multiple aspects within your regimen.  We need all aspects of movement to make a complete system of exercise.  
Being conscious  is very important.  When we add to our exercise and movements,  our balance, breath and  the bodies own energetic flow within the exercise, our movements evolve.   Our minds become free and we can let our sprit move us.  
That awareness is the difference between going through the motion to get it done and feeling what is happening on every level.  The feelings aren’t always pleasant and things can become frustrating but when someone is able to find the calm and work through it, they change and it lasts.
At this point we become fluid.   Our movements flow into one another.  It will manifest in everything we do, from walking, to opening a door, to lying down to sleep.  
Our mood changes as does the way we maneuver through the world.  We become more fluid in our interactions and more able do move freely within stressful scenarios.
This is a slow process for some but the end results can be profound.
I have seen the transformation in those who have worked this way.  
They have come to own their body and the way the move. They have gained  strength, flexibility, endurance and the ability to remain calm, breath and relax in all situations that present themselves to us.  

What to expect in a session

My sessions are not of the “Faster, harder, More”  mentality. I fully respect and understand that.  It just isn’t the way I approach things. There is a place for that and there will be moments of it in a session but my focus is on a quieter  intensity.
I use slower movements to build balance, alignment and transitional movements.  I like to challenge an individual to use their entire range of motion so they can increase and strengthen it.   
I employ a great deal of movements  based on Pilates, Capoiera Angola, Yoga and Qi Gong that use body weight. Then  I slowly bring in resistance to the mix.
There will also be combinations of movements designed to keep the heart rate elevated.
These movements create the root or the inner awareness and conscious connection to the musculoskeletal support system of the body.  From there you can chose the direction of growth.